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  • Hire Surfboards Perth Spinal Injury Scarborough Beach
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    Hire Surfboards Perth

    Sorry we don’t hire surfboards – read why below. As enjoyable and fun surfing is, surfing still involves a lot of risks that sometimes can be life threatening. Our Indian Ocean waves…

  • Gabby Surf Lessons Perth
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    Surf Conditions

    Surfing Conditions - Learning about Surf Conditions is very important for your surfing journey. Our West Coast ground swell is generated by large storms out to sea, it then travels up the…
  • Scarborough Beach Surf School Perth Marissa
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    Intermediate Surf Lessons

    Learn to Carve! Not wiggle. Too many people view the size of their board, or lack thereof, as a badge of their ability in the water. The problem is that while a…

  • Surf Lesson Perth KP Surfing
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    Surfing Tips

    Surfing Tips As the owner of Scarborough Beach Surf School, I have written a few surfing tips and answers to those basic questions that come up when you begin your surfing journey.…
  • Surf Lesson in Perth Scarborough Beach
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    Go Surfing Perth

    Go Surfing - Perth Go Surfing Perth safety tips to help you on your journey. Surfing is a physically demanding sport that requires a good level of fitness. Before you think about…