Surfing lessons Perth - Level 3 intermediate

Blog written by Amy Johnson

Practice makes perfect

The first thing our surf instructor said to us was, “Practice makes Perfect”. That’s so annoying but unfortunately, as we all know, so true.

Like most adults, I am in a hurry to master these waves, do bottom turns, smash top turns and hang five with the best of them and yeah, also learn the ‘surf lingo’.

Keith the owner Scarborough Beach Surf School
Keith - Owner of

Keith the owner of Scarborough Beach Surf School

OUR STORY – We are the oldest Surf School in the world…

Back in 1986, two passionate Scarborough Beach surfers had a vision to make surfing lessons more accessible for all people.

Ian and Doug recognised that although a lot of people wanted to learn to surf, many were reluctant to start due to a lack of easily available equipment and a lack of surfers willing to teach them.

Scarborough Beach Surf School was established to fill this void.