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Surfing Equipment

Surfing Equipment – Surfboards

There are a variety of Surfboards, the main types are:

Types of Surfboards to surf
  • Longboard (over 9 ft) – long, wide and thick with a rounded nose. Most stable and buoyant, but difficult to manoeuvre.
  • Shortboard (under 7 ft) – short, narrow and thin with a pointed nose, therefor easy for experienced surfers to turn, but also less buoyant and stable.
  • We measure surfboards and surfing equipment in feet and inches.

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Surfboards to suit beginners and intermediate
  • Mini Malibu (under 9 ft) shorter version of a longboard and it offers both stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Soft Board (all sizes) designed for beginners initially but now surfed by experienced surfers in all conditions. B Soft Boards are safe, stable, buoyant and user-friendly.
  • Most surfboards have 3 fins (Thruster) for stability and turning assistance.
Choosing the right surfboard
  • We know that a stable, buoyant surfboard is essential to develop your surf skills.
  • Board size will depend on your height and weight.
  • I recommend a Soft Board for first time surfers.
  • After that a Mini Malibu is recommended for intermediates.
  • Do your homework before you buy – or speak to us at the surf school; Otherwise, you might get the wrong board!

Surfing Equipment – Wetsuits and Accessories

We use O’Neill Wetsuits in Perth

Surfing Equipment Leg Ropes
  • The leg rope, also known as a leash, is a safety device that connects the surfboard to your back ankle (right ankle for natural stance and left ankle for goofy stance – I will explain stances in another post.
  • Your leg rope must be FIRMLY attached and face outwards from your ankle.
Surfing wetsuits Perth
  • A decent quality wetsuit keeps you warm in cool to cold water.
  • The two main types are: Steamer – full length for cold water and winds and a Spring Suit for cool water.
  • A standard wetsuit zipper is positioned at the back.
  • Wetsuits must be firmly fitted, not loose in other words skin tight.
Rash Vests for summer surfing
  • A rash vest can be worn under your wetsuit or simply to prevent rashes from wax and they also offer great sun protection.
  • I recommend, like your wetsuit, it should be firmly fitted, not loose.