Bailey Surfing Level 1 Surf Course


Proud to be the smallest surf school in Perth

2.25 Hr Surf Lessons (1.5 hrs = only 1 Hour in the waves)

Level 1 Surf Course

Our Level One Surf Course is the perfect option for those who want to learn how to surf and feel like one 2.25 hour lesson just isn’t long enough to get the hang of it!

Each lesson we give you new challenges because we care about your surfing progress.

You will be amazed at how your skills improve over the course!

What you Learn:

Reading surf conditions

Identifying dangerous situations

Basic fitness for surfing


Catching broken waves

Wave zone negotiation

Wiping out safely

Equipment for surfing

Sport safe behaviour

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Level 1 Surf Course Summer surfing

 Scarborough  Beach

Level 1 Surf Course Prices:

Prices: 13 years and older.

1 x 2.25 Hr Surf Lesson $77 for one pax 13+

2 x Lessons Course for one pax $140 (2 days)

3 x Lessons Course for one pax $195 (3 days)

4 x Lessons Course for one pax $240 (4 days)

5 x Lessons Course for one pax $295 (5 days)

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