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Go Surfing Perth

Go Surfing – Perth

Go Surfing Perth safety tips to help you on your journey.

Go Surfing Perth Surf Fitness

Surfing is a physically demanding sport that requires a good level of fitness.

Before you think about surfing, you must be a confident swimmer in the open ocean.

You should be able to swim 50+ metres in the ocean waves.

Go Surf Perth Surf Warmup

Always warm up with a few stretches.

Avoid surfing in large crowds, it can be dangerous.

Do not let go of or throw your surfboard, it’s a danger to others.

Always be aware of your position in the surf.

Go Surfing Perth Safe Surfing

Know your own ability and always surf with a friend.

Check the beach for hazard signs or warnings.

The weather can change rapidly, turning safe surfing conditions into dangerous ones. Always pay attention to the weather.

Before you go surfing –

If in doubt, don’t go out.

Go Surf Study the conditions

Before entering the surf spend some time studying the conditions to make sure they are right for you.

Where and how the waves are breaking?

What’s the wave size, wind type and crowd level?

Are there any obvious rips or currents?

Beach Practice before you go out

Practise getting to your feet on the beach.

Lie down, arch your back and begin paddling.

Place your hands on each rail beside your shoulders.

Push up with your back foot and pull your lead knee under your chest.

Stand up in the correct stance, knees bent looking forward.

entering the surf

Make sure your leg rope / leash is firmly attached.

Enter the surf alway with the nose facing the waves, beside you, fins away from your head.

While you walk out lift the nose over oncoming waves.

Watch and learn from experience surfers.

Never tow your surfboard using the leg rope / leash, this can cause severe finger injuries.

Go Surfing Perth – Paddle Fitness

Paddle fitness go surfing Perth

Incorrect Paddling Position

Incorrect position on your board makes paddling difficult.

Pearling is positioning your body too close to the surfboards nose, causing it to nose dive.

Move your body back.

Corking is positioning your body too close to the board’s tail, causing it to sink.

Move your body forward.

correct paddling position

Correct Paddling Position 

Correct position on your surfboard is vital for paddling.

Your body must be centred (at your balance point) to give you stability and speed when paddling.

Arch your back, so only the bottom of your ribs and stomach are touching the board.

Mark your chin position in the wax for reference.

Wipeout Protect Yourself

Wipe out Safely

A wipeout is when you fall off your surfboard.

During a wipeout stay calm and protect your head.

Look out for your board when surfacing – it may spring back at you.

Try to fall behind your board to avoid getting hit.

Avoid a wipeout in front of other surfers.

Go Surfing Perth – The Correct Stance

Natural Foot Stance

Natural Foot Stance

Left leg and foot forward

Right leg and foot back over the fins

Goofy Foot Stance surfing

Goofy Foot Stance

Right leg and foot forward

Left leg and foot – back over the fins

The Correct Surfing Stance

The Correct Stance is very important.

Your stance is your body’s ready position, offering power, stability and easy movement.