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Level 2 Surf Course

Our more advanced Level 2 Surf Course is designed for those who have surfed a Level 1 Surf Course and want to keep on shredding!

This Surf Course offers you the opportunity to surf on our smaller high performance B Soft Boards, you will be amazed at how far your surfing progresses.

Learn About

  • Wave Selection

  • Advanced wave negotiation

  • Turtle rolls and duck dives

  • Correct stance

  • Catching and riding green waves

  • Riding left and right-hand waves

  • Bottom turning

  • Generating more speed

  • Interpreting weather conditions

FAQ Surfing Lessons

When it comes to surfing, mother nature sets a lot of the rules – that’s what makes it such a unique sport.

While our early morning sessions might be hard to wake up for, they are also truly magical.

Great surf conditions, no wind and no crowds.

Terms and Conditions
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Intermediate Level 2 Surf Course Perth


2.25 Hour Surf Lessons

Use of Surfboard & O’Neill Wetsuit

More Surf Time

Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness

Flexible Lesson – days and times (bookings Essential)

Intermediates Surf Lessons

Adults & Teenagers 13+

We have a good selection of surfboards to suit the days conditions



Prices: 13 years to 99 years!

1 x 2.25 Hr Surf Lesson $79 13+

2 x Lessons Course – one person $150 (2 days)

3 x Lessons Course – one person $210 (3 days)

4 x Lessons Course – one person $260 (4 days)

5 x Lessons Course – one person $295 (5 days)