We are a small family business that operates under strict licence regulations imposed by the City of Stirling and Surfing Australia. Our licence stipulates we can have very few students at any one time. So we don’t hog the beach.

We get booked out every session and if you don’t turn up for your pre-booked lesson; we still have to pay our staff, licence fees, insurance and expenses.

We are the same as other businesses e.g.  If you buy a ticket to the movies, football, tennis, cricket etc. and don’t attend under any circumstance including illness, injury, flat battery, called into work, bad Uber / bus driver etc. No business’ gives you a free ticket or free seat at the next available event. SORRY – ALL SURF SCHOOLS HAVE THIS SAME POLICY.

Terms and Conditions

Perth Beaches are sometimes known to have currents, troughs, rips, shallow sandbanks and strong winds – we advise that you take time to consider these factors before you purchase your surf lessons.

Under 18yrs require parent or guardian to attend on the day to sign a consent form.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your lesson starts. Unfortunately, latecomers will forfeit their lesson – we cannot leave our students in the water without their Instructor. – under any circumstance.

Each participant will be required to sign an – ‘Acknowledgement of Risk, Consent to Participate, Consent to Receive First Aid Form’ before their first Surf Lesson. These will be emailed to you on booking.