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Surfing Lessons Perth

Discover the JOY of SURFING with Surfing Lessons Perth.

Scarborough Beach Surf School is the place to come for quality, safe and fun surf lessons.

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Surf Lessons

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Surf Lessons 

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Surf Courses

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Surf Lessons

Scarborough Beach Surf School

The golden sands and crystal waters of Scarborough Beach continue to capture hearts all around the world.

As Scarborough’s only Surfing Australia licensed surf school on Western Australia’s most famous beach.

Our team of passionate and experienced Surf Instructors have been changing lives one wave at a time since 1986.

Surf lessons small group size

SMALL GROUP SIZES = 3 to 6 students per instructor

Surfing Lessons Perth

Surfing isn’t just another sport or hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

As surfers, we are a tribe of people that build our week around winds and swells.

We understand that when we’re in the water, nothing else matters, it’s just you, your surfboard, and the waves.

With surfing, once you’ve tasted the fruit, all you do is crave it.

Surf Lessons Get Fit and Have Fun

It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy your exercise, reduce your stress, and bring you closer to that place where time stands still, and everything is right.

Our goal at Scarborough Beach Surf School is to introduce, re-introduce, or bring you up to speed with all the latest surf coaching techniques developed by the best surf instructors in Australia.

Whether you have been MIA for awhile, have never caught a wave or haven’t surfed for many years, our surf school has all the necessary tips to get you started or help you back on your surfing journey.

We have been teaching our very popular Surf Courses for over 35 years.

Level 1 Surf Course

Level 2 Surf Course

  • Wave Selection
  • Advanced wave negotiation
  • Turtle rolls and duck dives
  • Correct stance
  • Catching and riding green waves
  • Riding left and right-hand waves
  • Bottom turning
  • Generating more speed
  • Interpreting weather conditions

Iconic Scarborough Beach Surf School Surfing Lessons

Home to Perth’s funky beach vibe bars, restaurants and hip markets, surfing lessons Perth is an experience not to be missed.

Australia’s greatest surf experience on Australia’s greatest beach!

We cater for all levels of surfing in our structured  learn to surf courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

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