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Surfing lessons Perth. We provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfing lessons perth all year round. Surf School Perth since 1986 providing surfing lessons at Scarborough Beach and Leighton Beach.
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Surfing Lessons Perth Marisa Surfing
Surfing Lessons Perth Jon Surfing
Surf School Perth Scarborough Beach beginners Surf lesson

2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons Perth

We find in a 1.5 Hr lesson you want more surf time and coaching!

So we offer double the SURF TIME = (Same price per hour)

 Small Groups – 4 to 6 students per instructor 

Plenty of one on one time with your local surf coach

Surfing Australia Surf School surf lessons perth


Surf school Perth small class sizes

Surfing Lessons Perth – Small Class Size = More one on one time!

Surfing Lessons Perth Adult Surf Courses
2.5 Hour Surf Lessons
Surfboards & Wetsuits Included
Surfing Lessons Perth James surfing on a B Soft Board
From only $20 an Hour
Epoxy Surfboards from Level 2, 3, 4+
13 years to 99 years 🙂
Surfing Lessons Perth surfing school holidays
School Holidays Kids 12 Years to Big Kids
From only $20 an hour
Surf Courses all levels
Book Online 24/7
Surfing Lessons Perth Scarborough Beach
Soft Boards| Fun Boards | Mini Mals
Scarborough Beach
3 Hours for only $40  Sorry no walk ups Book Online Only

Surfing Lessons Perth – use fibreglass surfboards for our intermediate surfers.

Why would you want to surf anywhere but our Iconic Scarborough Beach?

Surfing Lessons Perth $80 Off single lesson price

2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons Perth

♦  Surf Courses: From only $20 an hour – Each of the surf lessons are different. The more lessons you buy (per person), eg 4 x Lesson Surf Course = 10 hours of lessons = Only $20 an Hour 🙂

Scarborough Beach Surf School run surfing lessons in two locations – Scarborough Beach from October to May &  Surfing Lessons Fremantle Leighton Beach from June until October.

♦ Intermediate Surfing Lessons Perth: We run Intermediate surf lessons using our epoxy and fibreglass surfboards. Surf on a real surfboard!

Surfing Lessons Perth use Fibreglass Surfboards for Level 2 +

Surfing Lessons Perth Matt surfing a B Soft Board

Surfing Lessons Perth

From only $20 an Hour. (Surf Courses)

Discover the JOY of SURFING at Scarborough Beach Surf School Perth.


2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons Perth

♦ Use of Surfboards & WARM 4mm thick O’Neill Wetsuits

♦ Small group sizes = plenty of 1 on 1 time with your surf instructor

♦ Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness

♦ Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Surf Lessons

♦ Adult Surfing Lessons Perth from teenagers up to 99 years

Looking for that unforgettable gift?

Want that original gift? Nothing better than to get them stoked with a surfing gift!

Purchase a Scarborough Beach Surf School Gift Voucher

Give the gift of surfing to a friend, family member or work mate.


Surfing Lessons Perth James surfing Scarborough Beach

Level 1 – B Soft Boards Provided  🙂

Ladies & Men’s Wetsuits – Ladies don’t want a man’s wetsuit! 🙁

Surfing Lessons Perth Sofie on a B Soft board
brigitte seaman
brigitte seaman
07:05 02 Apr 18
I am a repeat customer - I first learnt to surf with Kieth and his team ~ 10 years ago, I followed up with advanced lessons and now many years later have returned to Kieth and his team to help me get to the next level and ditch my bad habits. The service has been as excellent now as back when I first started. The team are all very passionate about surfing (you can spot a few of them hitting the waves before and after classes) and they go all out to make sure you have a good time as well as teach you essential tips to improve. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to learn to surf or improve on their ability and we have arranged quite a few one offs for visitors and will continue to do so — if they’re up for a surf 🙂read more
Gareth Whitehead
Gareth Whitehead
07:22 06 Jul 18
Keith and the other coaches do a fantastic job of helping you improve and frequently let you know what you're doing right or wrong! Really like the atmosphere and feel like it's good value for money when you add up the lesson time + equipment + coaching. The website and emails make it really easy to book lessons and be on time! Highly recommend to other beginners who are looking for somewhere to learn surfing in a fun more
20:23 22 May 18
Booked a 5-lesson surfing course with these guys and I've had a great time. Planning the surfing lessons is so easy and being able to plan lesson by lesson makes it even better. The reminders with up-to-date information (like where to park if there is roadworks or an event) are very helpful, especially if you don't live close to the beach. When arriving on the beach there's always a warm welcome and the classic: "hey El, we're gonna put you on a .... board this lesson". Every time I got a 'better' board I was scared as, but Keith was always right and I always felt really good after the lesson.The lessons were great. The instructors knew what they were doing and always made the best of the circumstances. Safety is definitely important for them and they prep their students well. I've never felt unsafe.The only thing I wanted to mention in this review is the way some instructors divide their attention. In a lesson the surfers in the class are lined up in the ocean and trying the catch waves by themselves most of the time. The instructor walks past everyone and helps them catching waves. However, I noticed that when you're surfing at the end of the 'line', the instructors come to you less often than to the students in the middle. It's not the biggest problem, but when you're having trouble catching waves and the instructor just doesn't come, it can be a little bit annoying. That's the only little thing I wanted to mention.I've had a great time learning how to surf and I do definitely highly recommend surfing with Keith and his team!read more
Una Allsop
Una Allsop
04:09 19 Jun 18
I purchased a package of 5 lessons with these guys and am so so happy with it!! All of the coaches are so friendly and encouraging and I cannot believe how much I have learnt and how far I have progressed in such a short time. I have surfed with other surf schools and they were big classes with a much bigger range of levels and shorter surfing time (these lessons are 2.5 hours!!!!) but I love how small the classes are and how they split you up based on your level and experience and teach you new skills to work on based on that. I’ll definitely be back for more and I cannot wait!! Highly recommend!read more
Max Lauterbach
Max Lauterbach
08:34 07 Jul 18
Top-notch surf school! I enjoyed all six lessons I had so far, and just decided to stay a bit longer with Keith and crew. Instructors switched from lesson to lesson and each of them focused on different aspects, making each lesson unique. All of them a very keen to teach you how to surf and share their experience. Looking forward to more great sessions with these great guys!read more
Andrew Lou
Andrew Lou
04:26 25 Jun 18
With 2.5 hours every session, you definitely learn something and improve quite quickly. Definitely a bang for your buck! From the equipments, to the way they teach, 100% satisfactory. Watch out tho if you get to surf with Keith cause youll be out for a workout! Just make sure to get those upper body ready when surfing with him-"Two more paddles"read more
Sydney Hodges
Sydney Hodges
06:47 23 Jul 18
I've been coming for over 6 months, and absolutely love surfing with Kieth and his crew. The equipment is top-notch, the instructors are great and good fun, and the lessons are planned so you're constantly learning new things and improving your surfing. The 2.5hr lessons are a great length -- plenty of time to try new things and still be exhausted at the end! I've always felt safe and comfortable surfing, and bring friends to try from time to time. Best part of my weekend is spent in the water with these guys, pretending to more
Jennifer Peterson
Jennifer Peterson
21:42 06 Aug 18
I recently travelled to Perth with my daughter and we arranged lessons with Keith & the Scarborough Beach Surf School based on a local recommendation. Our experience was awesome! Keith provided clear & current communications regarding everything we needed to know before, during and after our lessons. The wet suits they provided kept us both warm (during winter weather) & surf boards were great! All the instructors had terrific energy and remained enthusiastic and encouraging throughout our lessons. Thank you to Keith & the crew for a fabulous experience! Jennifer & Kaelanread more
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