Scarborough Beach Surf School | Surfing Lessons Perth
Surfing lessons Perth. We provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfing lessons perth all year round. Surf School Perth since 1986 providing surfing lessons at Scarborough Beach and Leighton Beach.
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Surfing Lessons Perth Marisa Surfing
Surfing Lessons Perth Jon Surfing

We provide 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons

Because 1.5 hours = only one hour in the waves 🙁

Same price per Hour. We offer double SURF TIME.

 2.5 Hours = 2+ hours surf time 🙂

Small Group Sizes – 6 x students to 1 Instructor


Proud to be the oldest surf school in the world

Surfing lessons Leighton Beach North Fremantle
LEIGHTON BEACH Surf Lessons June till Oct.
2.5 Hour Surf Lessons
Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced
Surfboards & 4mm Wetsuits Included
Surfing lessons perth at the iconic Scarborough Beach
From only $20 an Hour
Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced
Surfboards & 4mm Wetsuits Included
Scarborough Beach Surfing Lesson Perth school holidays
July School Holidays Kids 11 years to Big Kids
Surf Courses all levels
Book Online 24/7
surfing lessons perth Scarborough Beach
2.5 Hour Surf Lessons
Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced
Surfboards & 4mm Wetsuits Included

Surfing Lessons Perth – use fibreglass surfboards for our intermediate surfers.

Small Groups = Plenty of one on one time with your Surf Coach 🙂

Surfing Lessons Perth $80 Off single lesson price

2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons Perth

♦  Surf Courses: From only $20 an hour – Each of the surf lessons are different. The more lessons you buy (per person), eg 4 x Lesson Surf Course = 10 hours of lessons = Only $20 an Hour 🙂

Scarborough Beach Surf School run surfing lessons in two locations – Scarborough Beach from October to May &  Surfing Lessons Fremantle Leighton Beach from June until October.

♦ Intermediate Surfing Lessons Perth: We run Intermediate surf lessons using our epoxy and fibreglass surfboards. Surf on a real surfboard!

Surfing Lessons Perth use Fibreglass Surfboards for Level 2 +

Surf lessons perth use O'Neill 4mm Wetsuits in winter
Surf Lessons Perth use O'Neil Wetsuits

Just arrived – brand new O’Neill 4mm Wetsuits 🙂

Ladies & Men’s sizes – Girls don’t want a man’s wetsuit! 🙁

No such thing as a “Multi-Sex Wetsuit”

Surf Lessons Perth Woman's Wetsuits
brigitte seaman
07:05 02 Apr 18
I am a repeat customer - I first learnt to surf with Kieth and his team ~ 10 years ago, I followed up with advanced lessons and now many years later have returned to Kieth and his team to help me get to the next level and ditch my bad habits. The service has been as excellent now as back when I first started. The team are all very passionate about surfing (you can spot a few of them hitting the waves before and after classes) and they go all out to make sure you have a good time as well as teach you essential tips to improve. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to learn to surf or improve on their ability and we have arranged quite a few one offs for visitors and will continue to do so — if they’re up for a surf 🙂read more
Abi Lee
06:32 02 Apr 18
I signed up for the 4 lesson course but by the first session I was already hooked! The instructors were all attentive with their advice and great to talk to while waiting for the waves. The softboards were great to learn on and I can't wait to go back and give the hard-boards a go!read more
Maija Rissanen
10:34 28 Mar 18
Learning to surf with Keith and his crew was one of the best experiences I had during my trip to Australia! In 10 lessons I learned so much more than I ever could have imagined. All the instructors were experienced and great at teaching. The class sizes were kept small so they had a lot of individual time of everyone and the 2.5h/ per lesson of surfing was just the right amount of time for one lesson. One of my favourite things were that on the first lessons you have the 8" softboard and it was easier to learn how to stand up and catch. but as you improve you get to surf with shorter fibreglass boards! Also the service was great, it was really easy to book in for classes and the atmosphere were welcoming. I highly recommend this surfing school!read more
Joe Glass
05:34 21 Mar 18
Absolutely awesome time at the surf school with our friendly and knowledgeable instructor James. Great lesson and perfect time 2.5 hours to be out in the water to get the basics of surfing!read more
matias nass
06:25 09 Mar 18
We got the 5 lessons pack, which we have used over a couple of months. The staff is laid back and has lots of experience in teaching all levels. We had a great time and we will definetly come back every other month for some single classes. Cheers!!read more
Pallavi Gosain
05:41 03 Feb 18
Would highly recommend this school to anyone who has wanted to learn how to surf but never thought they would actually be able to get up on the board! Keith and his team are easy going and very professional. They take the time to provide individual feedback and keep everyone safe and happy in the water. Thanks more
Mike Hinchley
08:35 27 Jan 18
My son had a fantastic week. We were comfortable leaving him in the capable hands of Keith and his team. A well organised and safe environment to learn how to more
Aiki Arro
04:13 26 Jan 18
My first time on the board and it was an amazing experience to finally stand up on it 🙂 Spent 4 early mornings with these guys and all are great instructors with awesome people-skills. Being in the water was made very comfortable, starting from a real good soft board and finishing with sunscreen and even a surfer's hat if you want to. Though there were many beginners, there certainly were some more advanced level people who just wanted to perfect their skills. This team of instructors suits well for everyone! I do recommend Keith's advice to get the 7am lessons as (at least for a beginner) it's way easier to learn without the wind that might take you far from the learning spot. Definitely try these guys out!read more
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Surfing Lessons Perth Scarborough Beach

Surfing Lessons Perth

From only $20 an Hour. (Surf Courses)

Discover the JOY of SURFING at Scarborough Beach Surf School Perth.


2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons Perth

♦ Use of Surfboards & WARM 4mm thick O’Neill Wetsuits

♦ Small group sizes = plenty of 1 on 1 time with your surf instructor

♦ Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness

♦ Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Surf Lessons

♦ Adult Surfing Lessons Perth from teenagers up to 99 years

Blog written by Amy Johnson UK  – Practice makes perfect

The first thing our surf instructor said to us was, “Practice makes Perfect”. That’s so annoying but unfortunately, as we all know, so true.

Like most adults, I am in a hurry to master these waves, do bottom turns, smash top turns and hang five with the best of them and yeah, also learn the ‘surf lingo’.

When we saw how awesome these surfers looked trimming the waves in front of us, we were told that it took them literally thousands of hours of practice to get that good.

It’s said that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice to go from a complete novice to expert in any new sport or new skill.

So when you are about to surf for the first time in a beginners surf lesson, it can be a little disheartening to realise  you are beginning what looks like a lifetime’s work.

Surfing Australia Surf Lessons

Scarborough Beach Surf School – Phone: 08 9448 9937
The Esplanade, Scarborough, Perth WA  6019

Scarborough Beach Surf School
Surfing Lessons Perth
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Surfing Lessons Perth
Scarborough Beach Surf School,
The Esplanade,Scarborough,Perth-6019,
Telephone No.08 9448 9937
Scarborough Beach, Perth
Surfing lessons Perth provide beginner, intermediate and advanced surfing lessons in Perth all year round. Scarborough Beach Surf School Perth since 1986 providing surfing lessons at Scarborough Beach and Leighton Beach.