Hire Surfboards Perth

Sorry we don’t hire surfboards – read why below.

As enjoyable and fun surfing is, surfing still involves a lot of risks that sometimes can be life threatening.

Our Indian Ocean waves in Western Australia can be powerful and our surf in Perth can be plunging like this photo on the right.

This is why we have stopped our surfboard hire business, because too many people with very little surf experience were hiring surfboards.

  These people were putting themselves at risk of spinal injuries.

Surf Lessons

In our structured surf lessons for beginners,  we will always have a local Scarborough Beach surf instructor beside you at all times.

We will be reading the surf conditions and warning you of any hazards and dangers and also helping keep you out of harms way. This is the safest way to surf our beaches.

Avoid Spinal Injuries

Below is a quote from The West Australian Newspaper from Royal Perth Hospital’s State trauma director Sudhakar Rao.

” Tourists who were not aware of WA’s surf conditions and people who were not experienced surfers were more likely to suffer a spinal injury.

Most spinal cord injuries were preventable and the impact on individuals and their families was devastating.”

“Spinal cord damage is irreversible,” Dr Rao said.

Surf Hire Perth

These photos taken at a Perth Beach of an unlucky tourist who hired a surfboard from a local surf shop, he had no experience and the waves were big this day, 3 to 5 feet.

The poor chap suffered severe spinal injuries and no one warned him of the dangers of plunging waves.


We have a 20-million-dollar Public Liability Insurance (covers our surf lessons) that thankfully we have never had to use.

We are not saying don’t hire a surfboard in Perth, we are just telling you to please be careful and surf safely, understand the local conditions wherever your travels take you.

Also ask you Hire Service Provider to show you a Certificate of Currency of their Public Liability Insurance Policy, that will cover you, in case you need on-going medical expenses.

It does not hurt to ask, the poor bloke above didn’t.