Surfboards Perth: Our Story

When we started on this crazy journey, our goal was to have a lifestyle business that we could shut the doors whenever the surf was pumping.

We would teach people how to surf at our surf schools in Lancelin and Scarborough and provide the right advice on which surfboard was right for them.  In this way, our customers could carry on with their own surfing journey and become part of our surfing family.

Surfboards Perth – Bigger is Best!

However, we quickly learnt that, despite our efforts in guiding you to buy the right beginners’ boards (“Bigger is Best!” is our mantra…), the staff in the surf shops would talk you into buying a surfboard that was way too small or not suited to your ability as a beginner to intermediate surfer.

Your surfboard looked great under your arm, walking down to the waves, but as soon as you tried to surf it, the board would sink under your feet! Hundreds of hard earned dollars wasted on a board you just could not surf!

We knew this wasn’t your fault. These salespeople are trained to sell you whatever THEY want and, at the end of the day, they want a sale.

This really frustrated us so we started selling surfboards exclusively to our customers. We’d invest in a container load of surfboards every August that were suitable for our surf school students to progress on and make their surfing journey fun.

Surfboards Perth – Scarborough

So, we were selling boards out of our small garage in Scarborough. If you stepped into our place you would have found surfboards everywhere. The bedroom, loft, living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom had boards lining every wall.

We’ve researched and sold various brands since we first started. GSI Surfboards for a few years, then Rip Curl and then Island surfboards (Phillip Island Victoria).  In all that time we consistently sold surfboards at wholesale prices to our students and everyone was happy! (Except for the surf shops…)

Our satisfaction was we would see our students and ex-students surfing every day when we were coaching at the beach.

Fast-forward to today and the evolution of Cheap Surfboards Warehouse makes perfect sense. We’ve gone from buying surfboards from big local companies that imported the boards for us, to importing the surfboards ourselves.

We wanted to get our prices down as low as possible while maintaining quality. So, we got together with some of the finest surfboard designers in Australia and came up with our current models of Funboards and Mini-Mals.

All our epoxy boards are built overseas (like the clear majority of all surfboard manufacturers these days) and we sourced the most experienced and number one surfboard manufacturer in China.

So, we now get our surfboards made solely for us. This cuts out the middle men and lets us wholesale great surfboards directly to the public at the cheapest prices available in Australia.

Surfboards Perth – Design and Trial

Each style of board undergoes an extensive design and trial phase with our surf schools.Level 3 Surf Course Cut Back

Our students and ex-students are loving surfing on our surfboards.

Surfboards Perth – Showroom

Come on by and you can check out our surfboards in our Scarborough office.

We are a team of passionate life-long surfers who will help pick the right surfboard for YOU. Every one of us was a beginner at some point and we keep this in the forefront of our mind as we help you out.

We aim to supply surfboards that leave you lusting for your next session.

We’ll treat you with respect regardless of your experience and skill level.

We offer a place in the surf community where you can ask all the silly questions and look for guidance without an elitist attitude. As you move through your journey as a surfer – newbie or ripper – we’re here to help you get that perfect board.

Surfboards Perth – Fun

Surfing should be fun and buying a board should be a rewarding interaction between people with a common passion.

We’re a small, family run business and our crew at Scarborough Beach Surf School are your new surfing family.

Thanks for joining us on this journey…Welcome to the family!

Scarborough Beach is only 15 minutes drive from the Perth CBD and easy to get to by public transport.