Surf School Perth Our Story

OUR STORY – We are the oldest Surf School in the world…

Back in 1986, two passionate Scarborough Beach surfers had a vision to make surfing lessons more accessible for all people. 

Ian and Doug recognised that although a lot of people wanted to learn to surf, many were reluctant to start due to a lack of easily available equipment and a lack of surfers willing to teach them.

Scarborough Beach Surf School was established to fill this void. 

Surf School Perth – our early years

Surfing lessons were provided to school children, locals and international travellers alike on weekends and school holidays.

The structure of our Surfing Lessons and programs was revolutionary and became the blueprint for the School Licensing Program used by Surfing Australia and the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Our Surfing Lessons in Perth were provided in a small group format, with a dedicated instructor who gave advice and tips to each student.

Surf School Perth 30 Years Later

Now, 30 years later, there are hundreds of surf schools in Australia and all over the world who use the same system of coaching that was initially developed by Scarborough Beach Surf School.

Scarborough Beach Surf School still shares the same vision and passion from all those years ago.

Keith who has owned Scarborough Beach Surf School for the last 16 years, is passionate about providing quality surfing lessons for people who want to experience Surfing Lessons at our iconic Scarborough Beach.

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