Soft Board Rentals Perth

Scarborough Beach – October till May

Soft Board Rentals Perth

Soft Mini Mal – $20 an hour

 7’6 or 8’0

The best way to develop your surfing is to catch waves with ease. These Soft Boards are very easy to surf.

We have been using soft boards for over 31 years at Scarborough Beach Surf School.

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Soft Board Rentals Perth Gnaralo Soft Tops

Gnaraloo – $20 an hour

7’0 or 7’6

Gnaraloo Softshell surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. Theses boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.

A little experience required for these boards – recommended for people who have already had a few surf lessons.

Soft Board Rentals Perth Flounder Pounder

Flounder – $20 an hour

5’6 | 6’0 | 6’6

The Gnaraloo Softshell Flounder Pounder combines shortboard performance into one of the most user-friendly softboard designs on the market.

Easy to catch waves and still very manoeuvrable. Suits kids and regular surfers.

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Soft Board Rentals Perth DSS Surfboard

DSS Soft – $20 an hour

6’0 | 7’0 | 7’6

DSSDouble Sided Slick – Top and Bottom for added high performance surfing, with the safety of riding a soft top surfboard.

Designed for buoyancy and stability and speed, combined with tough durability.

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