Scarborough Beach Surfing Lesson Perth

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We are at Leighton Beach from June till Sept 30th

Because the waves are too big at Scarborough to teach in winter

Leighton Beach is only 15 min’s drive south of Scarborough – across the road from North Fremantle Train Station

Small Group Sizes and 2+ Hours Surf Time

Scarborough Beach Surfing Lesson Perth

We provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfing lessons from October until May. (Leighton Beach from June till October)

Our 2.5 Hour Surfing Lessons are designed for all levels, therefore we treat you as an individual and we will give you more challenges as you progress.

In our small group surf lessons, you will get tips to improve your surfing, tailored for your own level, and as a result you can learn at your own pace.

If you are charging (surfing exceptionally well) we will bump you up to your level class, and teach you the skills that you need to work on.

Scarborough Beach is only 15 minutes drive from the Perth CBD and easy to get to by public transport.

  • Surf Lessons are valid for six months from date of Purchase.

Scarborough Beach Surfing Lessons

♦ One x 2.5 Hour Surf Lesson – $70

♦ Two x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $130

♦ Three x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $180

♦ Four x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $200 ($20 an hour)

♦ Five x 2.5 Hour Surf  Lessons $250 ($20 an hour)

♦ Six x 2.5 Hour Surf  Lessons $300 ($20 an hour)

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2.5 Hour Scarborough Beach Surfing Lesson (1.5 Hours isn’t long enough)

♦ Use of Surfboards & warm O’Neill Wetsuits

♦ Suncream

♦ Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness

♦ Instruction from a local accredited Surf Coach

♦ Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced

♦ Surf Classes from 13 years (teenagers) up to 99 years!

Surfing lessons perth Gift Certificate

♦  Surf Courses: From only $20 an hour – Each of the surf lessons are different. The more lessons you buy (per person), 4 x Lesson Surf Course = 10 hours of lessons = Only $20 an Hour 🙂

♦ If your Surf School isn’t endorsed by Surfing Australia, they couldn’t meet the high standards that are set by the Australian Sports Commission.

♦ Scarborough Beach Surf School – Established in 1986

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