DSS – Double Sided Slick Softboards

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6′ DSS – $295 SALE PRICE – $195

7′ DSS – $350 SOLD OUT

7’6″ DSS – $370 SOLD OUT

DSS – Double Sided Slick – Top and Bottom for added high performance surfing, with the safety of riding a soft top surfboard.

Designed for buoyancy and stability and speed, combined with tough durability.

Blanks are closed cell PU (polyurethane) foam, which is almost indestructible and will not absorb water.

Fibreglass stringers for added strength and flex. (Will not absorb water)

Slick bottoms and tops are high quality UV stabilized HDPE (high density poly-ethylene) which will not become brittle and crack.

Rails are super tough EVA foam. Damage from being dragged on the sand, fin cuts, as well as nose and tail impact are minimized.

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Product Information: Double Sided Slick Softboards

  • Beginner, Intermediates to advanced surfers.
  • For surfing in all conditions from one foot to overhead.
  • DSS – Double Sided Slick Softboards – Top and Bottom for added performance.
  • Blanks are closed cell PU (polyurethane) foam, which is almost indestructible and will not absorb water.
  • Decks and Bottoms – UV stabilized HDPE (high density poly ethylene)
  • Fibreglass stringers for added strength and flex. (Will not absorb water)

Here, we lay out some of the advantages to this unique category of board.


Price is always a factor when buying a surfboard, regardless of your skill level. So here at Cheap Surfboards Warehouse we stock 3 different model soft surfboards. From our low price Gnarly Soft Board, our DSS (Double Sided Slick Softboards) High Performance soft board. To the number one choice soft board for surf schools – the Softboards Australia – PE Foam Soft Board.


It wasn’t long ago that a soft surfboard forced a compromise on performance. This is no longer the case. Our DSS Soft Boards, now fuse modern Fun Board and Mini Mal design with the safety features many surfers want on those crazy summer days.

Professional shapers designed our DSS Soft Board. These shapers always have performance in mind while also making sure you will catch a ton of waves and have a lot of fun in the water. All our DSS Soft Boards are hand made with hand shaped rails, using the same design characteristics as a traditional hard board.

To make our DSS and Surf School soft boards stronger (than our cheaper traditional soft boards) – we use the strongest glue and our unique, solid fibreglass stringer system for added strength and flex. Our construction produces arguably the strongest soft board surfboard in the world, with a HDPE bottom and deck and our own super tough EPA rails that will satisfy both the beginner to intermediate surfers.

Fast and easy to turn – Our DSS Soft Surfboards have a decent amount of pivotal and rail turning ability.  The extra thickness through the middle, will let you catch waves earlier, without losing the speed of a traditional hard board.  This is a great board if you would like to keep your wave count up, even in the smaller summer sessions.


6’0″202 5/8


ConstructionClosed cell PU (polyurethane) foam
Bottom & DeckUV stabilized HDPE (high density poly-ethylene)
Skill LevelBeginner – Advanced
Rail TypeMid Rails
Fins3 fin (Thruster)
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6', 7', 7' 6"