Level 1 Surf Course Perth

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We have been teaching our surf courses for over 32 years

We treat you as an individual and will bump you up a level or two if you start to surf well.

Level 1 Surf Course: 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons

(1.5 hours is too short!) Only $20 an Hour.

In our Level 1 Surf Course you will surf on our easy to surf – ‘Safe Softboards’ – we will teach you how to stand up and get you surfing all the way to the beach! Plus, learn the basics of ‘Safe Surfing’.

We will teach you how to jump to your feet quickly and efficiently and turn with style. Work on your speed and stance and learn to ride the waves left or right.

We’ll get you surfing on a smaller surfboards and work on refining those skills. These surfboards are easy to turn and heaps faster!

Pick day and time for your first lesson then email us to book lessons 2 to 4 or 5.

4 x 2.5 Hr. Surf Lessons –  $200 (= $20 an Hour)

5 x 2.5 Hr. Surf Lessons –  $250 (= $20 an Hour)

Level 1 Surf Course Perth – Four months to use your lessons.

The Level 1 Surf Course is the perfect option for those who want to learn to surf and feel like a 2.5hr surfing lesson just isn’t long enough to get the hang of it! Each of the surf lessons are different.

In each lesson of the Level 1 Surf Course we give you new challenges because we care about your surfing progress. We treat everyone of you as an individual – because we all learn at our own pace!

You will be amazed at how your skills improve over the course! Surf Courses are valid for 4 months from the date of  purchase. They are extremely flexible—you pick and choose the days and times that you want to do your lessons (subject to availability). Once a week, once a month – it’s completely up to you!


2.5 Hour Surf Lessons (1.5 Hours isn’t long enough)

♦ Use of our Safe Surfboards & Warm O’Neill Wetsuits

♦ Suncream

♦ Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness

♦ Instruction from a local accredited Surf Coach

♦ Beginners Level

♦ 13 years to 99 years

♦ Four months to use your surf lessons

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Before you purchase a Surf Course please read our Terms & Conditions.