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  • You should view a manoeuvre as a goal not the shortness of your surfboard!

  • Keith’s Intermediate to Advanced Surf Lessons Perth.

  • Teaching you correct technique, stance and most important STYLE.

Too many people view the size of their board, or lack thereof, as a badge of their ability in the water.

The problem is that while a smaller board is, in theory, easier to turn than bigger one, it is also easier to force bad technique on, which long term will hold you back far more than those extra 10 litres ever could.

A board that is too small will paddle slow, catch waves late, bog down in turns, and generally make your surfing look terrible.

A board that is too big on the other hand, has only one downside; if your technique is poor, you can’t cheat and try to torque the board round with your upper body.

Smaller boards let you trim turns more easily, which can fool you into thinking your carving turns better but learning to carve turns is actually harder on a low volume board because you have less speed.

Surfing longer boards after an injury a few years ago, did more for my surfing than anything else, as it forced me to re-evaluate how I was using my body, and what I needed to change.

Learn to carve – not to wiggle! Join one of my Intermediate classes and see your surfing improve.

Happy surfing