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Surfing Lessons Leighton Beach

Leighton Beach provides us with easy to surf waves in winter – May until September.

We provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Surfing Lessons Leighton Beach.

Our 2.25 hour surfing lessons are designed for all levels, we treat you as an individual and we give you more challenges as you progress.

Book your Surfing Lessons Leighton Beach 24/7 online.

Leighton Beach

We move our Surf Lessons to North Fremantle, because the sandbanks at Leighton only work in our winter swells and are perfect to learn how to surf!

We treat you as an individual in our small group lessons, therefore everyone learns at their own pace.

Leighton Beach is only 15 minutes drive from Scarborough Beach and across the road from North Fremantle Train Station. Public Transport


* From May until October | Leighton Beach is 15 minutes drive south of Scarborough.

  • Monday 8:15 — 10:30
  • Friday 8:15 — 10:30
  • Saturday 8:15 — 10:30
  • Sunday 8:15 — 10:30

2 Hr Lessons = More Surf Time!

Same price per hour as others.


* Small Groups – 4 to 6 students with 1 instructor.
* Surf Courses – two lessons or more can be surfed anytime (we work) over a three month period.

Qualified Local Instructors in the water with you the whole time.

1 x 2 Hour Surf Lesson $58

2 x Lessons Course for one adult $110 (2 days)

3 x Lessons Course for one adult $165 (3 days)

4 x Lessons Course for one adult $200 (4 days)

5 x Lessons Course for one adult $250 (5 Days)

* Prices above are for one adult/ teen 13 years to 99 years

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Pick lesson one date – on the booking calendar and book your other lessons when ready, we will send you a booking number & instructions.

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