Level 4 Surf Course Advanced Surfers

Level 4, 5, 6+ Surf Course Perth

Advanced Surfing Lessons Perth

Advanced Surf Course Perth:

  • Reading waves. So you don’t just sit out the back like a beginner! While everyone else catches waves…
  • Continue to work on your consistency catching and riding unbroken waves.
  • More practice on your forehand and backhand bottom turns, the most important turn is a good bottom turn; this sets up your next turn.
  • We will provide a board to suit the conditions if your surfboard is to small or to big for the day.
  • Keep working on your duck dives and turtle rolls. Never throw your surfboard and dive under a wave again.
  • We will teach you the ‘STOKE” – love of surfing so that you can confidently say “I am a SURFER! and I will surf for the rest of my life”
  •  We have regular customers who surf with us on most weekends because they love what we do…which is have heaps of fun!

Level 4 Surf Course Includes:

♦ 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons(1.5 Hours isn’t long enough)

♦ From only $20 an hour.

♦ Use of Epoxy Surfboards & Warm O’Neill Wetsuits

♦ Surf on our great range of Fibreglass Surfboards

♦ Instruction from a local accredited Surf Coach

♦ Advanced Surf Lessons

♦ Six months to use your Level 4 Surf Course


* June till October (summer time table check calendar below)

  • Saturday 6:45 – 9:30
  • Sunday 6:45 – 9:30

Adults Level 4+ Surf Courses – six months to use your lessons.

Advanced Surfing Lessons Perth

Our Advanced Level 4 Surf Course is designed  for those surfers who love surfing with us on a regular basis. Also for those surfers who want to surf their own surfboard to catch green waves consistently learning how to read waves.

We treat all our students as individuals, as we all need to work on our own specific surfing skills.

Advanced Surfing Lessons Perth and Intermediate Surf Courses are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. They are extremely flexible—you pick and choose the days and times that you want to do your lessons (subject to availability).

Once a week, once a month, or a few days in a row—it’s completely up to you!

Surf Course Perth Level 4

Prices: Includes 10% GST

2.5 Hour Surf Lessons (1.5 hours = only 1 hour in the waves)
Small Groups five to six students to one instructor. More one on one time.

♦ 2 x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $140 (2 days)

♦ 3 x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $195 (3 days)

♦ 4 x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $220 (4 days)

♦ 5 x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $275 (5 days)

♦ 6 x 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons $330 (6 days)

Level 4 Surf Course
Level 4 Surf Course correct stance

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Before you buy a Surf Course – Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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