Level 3 Surf Course Intermediate Surf Lessons Perth

Level 3 Surf Course Perth

Intermediate Surfing Lessons Perth

Adults & Teens 13 yrs to 99 yrs

♦ Advanced wave negotiation.

♦ We will work on your consistency catching and riding unbroken waves.

♦ We will practice your forehand and backhand bottom turns, and work on generating speed on the waves.

♦ Learn about riding different types of boards to suit the conditions and the advantages of having a quiver.

♦ Work on your duck dives and turtle rolls. This will help you save energy and get out the back faster, so you can surf for longer!

♦ We will teach you the concept of top turns. These are an important part of surfing, to help you go faster and reach for the sky!

Adults Level 3 Surf Course

Our Level 3 Surf Course is designed for those who can catch the odd green wave but still have a little trouble with their timing and want to get the right tips to catch green waves consistently.

We treat all our students as individuals, as we all need to work on our own specific surfing skills by Level Three.

Book on our Level 2 Surf Course Page.

And we will bump you up to Level 3 once we assess your ability.

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Level 3 Surf Course Bottom Turn
Level 3 Surf Course Turn
Level 3 Surf Course Top Turn
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