B Softboards

Perth’s #1 Selling Soft board

B Soft Board Soft Fins

7’6 Softboard Soft Fins

$470 $289

B Soft Board Soft Fins

8’2 Softboard Soft Fins

$470 $289

B-Softboard-7'2 Soft Fins

7’2 Softboard FCS Fins

$470 $289

B Soft Boards Perth 6'6

6’6 Softboard FCS Fins

$450 $279

B Softboards Perth

Here, we lay out some of the advantages of our Softboards


Price is always a factor when buying a surfboard, regardless of your skill level. We make our own Soft boards and sell to you at wholesale prices – don’t pay surf shop prices.

Click & Collect.

Our B Softboards  are used everyday at Scarborough Beach Surf School.


It wasn’t long ago that a soft surfboard forced a compromise on performance.

This is no longer the case.

Our Soft boards are made for those surfers who want a durable and easy to use soft board.