B Mini Mals Perth


There are many surfboards out there to choose from… from websites to Gumtree to surf shops. Everybody has a board they are trying to sell but most of the boards for sale won’t work for a beginner because of all the reasons we mentioned in the previous BlogUsed Surfboards – If you haven’t read it, stop here and have a read.

More than likely you’ll be starting on a Mini Mal. The only question to ask is “which one?”

The Ultimate Mini Mal

The flagship of Perth Surfboards Warehouse range, we decided to call this Mini Mal the “High Performance” because of its unique ability to combine and utilise so many elements of great Mini Mal’s into one board. It’s super stable, turns great and takes little effort to paddle.

It starts with a flat-to-double concave that allows our B Mini Mal’s to paddle and glide super easy. This is essential to catching waves as you need to match your board speed with the wave speed for easy take offs.

The cornerstone, however, is the beveled or “chined” rails that stretch from the nose to just in front of the side fin boxes. The most common “turning error” is digging a rail into the wave, getting stuck, and being unable to bring the board around.

The chines actually pull the rails up and away from the water allowing for the easiest turns you’ve ever made on a Mini Mal.

This board is for EVERYONE from beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers looking for the perfect board for our small summer waves.

Our B Mini Mal is made from EPOXY or EPS: Epoxy boards are a combination of polystyrene foam, 6 oz fibreglass sheets and epoxy resin, resulting in a much lighter and much more durable surfboard!

We use a solid wooden stringer (that is usually used in a poly board).  Wooden stringers add to the board’s strength while still maintaining its light weight characteristics.

On Sale Only $395 – Purchase Online